How to Kill Maggots in House

how to kill maggots in house

Are you tired of maggots in your house or in a trash can or garbage can? Do u want to get rid of maggots in your house? In this post, you will know how to kill maggots in house. Also, know how to kill fruit flies in your home following some simple tricks.

Maggots are studied for positive medical benefits in wounds, but this doesn’t come to mind when maggots are discovered in your nearby places. These white rice-looking pests cause disgust and discomfort for homeowners. The major problem is the very fast rate of maggot reproduction. When maggots are discovered, there are usually already hundreds of these creatures with which to contend. They usually come on rotten smells, food or substances that increase the desire for immediate relief from the infestation.

Kill Maggots in House

Use household chemicals to kill maggots. According to researches, any product containing permethrin is an effective anti-maggot agent. Some of these include doggie shampoo, lice shampoo, lice bedding spray, Raid fumigator and Hot Shot Wasp Killer. Other maggots killing solutions are Draino and hot water, a rag with a small amount of motor oil on it used to wipe up the bugs, Formula 409, Pledge, hairspray, and a mixture of boiling water, bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Choose the option that will kill the insects without destroying the surrounding area.

Natural Methods to kill Maggots in House

Maggots are not difficult to destroy. Simply stepping on them may be all that is needed. If they are accessible, sweep them into a bucket and pour boiling water over them. Conversely, putting them in a plastic bag in the freezer also kills them. In order to get maggots to the surface in carpets, steam clean the carpet. The maggots will rise to the surface and be easy to kill. Pest Control Rx suggests some other natural options such as sprinkling salt on the maggots.

How to Prevent Maggot Infestation

Pest Control Rx suggests pouring 1 to 2 cups of bleach down your sinks, garbage disposals and bath every two weeks, and rinsing out your garbage barrels with bleach once a month. Always seal your garbage cans and use the kitchen garbage disposal whenever possible. Throw out old meat the day of garbage disposal, and rinse out any beer or pop cans in the recycle bin. These simple steps can significantly deter the presence of maggots in your home.

Tips & Warnings

  • An easy, simple way to avoid having maggots in your house is to regularly clean your kitchen and wash your dishes. Old food on dishes or counters can draw maggots.
  • If you use motor oil to kill maggots in house, recycle the rest for other use around your home. Use it in your cars or other motors. If you do not need the rest of the oil, recycle it outside the home in order to keep it away from rivers or lakes and out of groundwater that can affect our drinking water. Many gas stations and car repair centers accept used oil and oil filters. You can also check with your local government for information on curbside or other recycling programs around you.


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