7 Simple Gardening Tips for Beginners

7 simple gardening tips for beginners

Are you new to gardening? Want to create your own beautiful garden. If yes, We are here to help you with that. Here are the 7 simple gardening tips for beginners. Sit back and have a look at them in detail.

  • Site it Right

First of all, you should look at the site where you want to start your garden. Starting a garden is like real estate it’s all about location. Place your garden in your yard so that you can look at it every day and can spend more time in it. It should not be far away from your place.

  • Know Your Region

The next step is to know about your region. Make some research and find out what grows in your region. Because not everything grows everywhere. Take a look at the characteristics of your garden area. Talk to a local gardener who can tell you about the plants of that region.

  • Follow the Sun

Before starting your garden you must have a look at where and how much sunlight is coming to your yard. Sunlight plays an important role in gardening. Most of the plants as well as vegetables requires around 6 hours of sunlight in order to thrive.

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  • Stay Close to Water

One of the best gardening tips is to plan your garden near a water source. Just like humans, Plant needs water too in good quantity. So, it’s better to plan your garden at that place from where water is easily available to plants. The best way to tell if plants need watering is to push a finger an inch down into the soil. If it’s dry, it’s time to water.

  • Start with Easy Plants

As a beginner, you should start with those plants which are easy to grow and doesn’t take much time in growth. Starting with vegetables is a good option. The vegetable doesn’t take much time in their growth. If anything goes wrong then you haven’t wasted much time. Going to Sunflower is also a good idea.

  • Use Containers

When space is less, go for containers. You can grow many plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, berries, and shrubs in pots as well as containers. Choose container according to the recommended growth of that plant or vegetable. Using a container helps in avoiding over and under-watering.

  • Try to Be Patient

Gardening is a process. It doesn’t just happen in one day- it takes time. Don’t be impatient. It can lead you to over water the plants for quick growth. But actually, it will do an adverse effect on them. Wait for sometime and let them grow instead of doing experiment with it.

These are the simple gardening tips for beginners. If you still have any query then feel free to ask your questions at admin@goodhousekeepingzone.com



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